Yuying Garment Cooperation Culture

Our Wish : To establish an international brand, to build century enterprise and strive to be the leader of cotton coats in the world.

[Our mission]: Make winter no longer cold, so the image to bloom!

[Our spirit]: Sophistication and striving for perfection

[Our core values]

As for customers: We will always uphold the heart to create unique values for the clients.

As for the employees: We will always uphold the heart to help our people to grow.

As for career: We will always uphold the heart to gain great achievement.

As for quality: Quality first, Honesty assured!


[ Our core philosophy ]

Business Philosophy: Gather talents from the world, Establish century-old enterprise.

Service Philosophy: Customers oriented and serving with love.

Brand Philosophy: Branding brings up value and value brings up wealth.

Working philosophy: Practice makes perfect.

Payment Philosophy: Achievement means payment otherwise is humiliation.

Promotion Philosophy: Cultivate talents and create achievement can bring you a promotion.

Survival Philosophy: Survival of the fittest. Either the strong eliminates the weak or the weak would knock out the strong.

[Our gratefulness culture]:

Worship Customers:Customers are the reason why we can realize our value , fulfill our living and make our life sustainable. Worship customers and serve them with our love!

Worship Principles: Without strong believe in principles can an organization survive and grow stronger!

Worship Founders: Without the chances given by those pioneers can we now rejoice life and transition.